My name is Rianne Bouter. I am an artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam and I just love to get lost in my own imagination. I think the greatest thing about the process of making art is just to follow up on a thought or feeling and to try to translate this into a final product. When this small spark at the beginning of a process evolves into something which ends up perfectly depicted on paper, that is a great feeling. If people can eventually in one way or another, through my work, share my thought, feeling or process I see this as a great success.

I have always had the desire to create art in any form. Which is why I decided to follow up on my passion as an artist and to start studying Fashion and Design at the HKU in Utrecht. During my studies my focus was mainly on designing clothes, but it was only after I had graduated that I realized illustrating and painting were the disciplines that truly inspired me.

If you want to discuss a future project or want to say hello,
please contact me on:

︎  riannebouter@gmail.com

Former clients include


Nargis Magazine (read the article here)
Olivia & Kate
Dille & Kamille
Pure Shores

2020 - Group exhibition, FWB Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 - Window painting on display at Volkshotel, Amsterdam
2019 - Group exhibition, Art Fashion Graffiti, Heerlen 

︎︎︎ Picture by Esmee Holdijk